Alive Credit Union News Most Recent - Alive Credit Union Blog en-US 2018-12-10T11:50:34Is Life Really Getting More Expensive?<p>If you feel like the middle-class squeeze is getting tighter, you&rsquo;re not alone. The numbers don&rsquo;t lie: Life really is more expensive than it used to be.</p> <p>Let&rsquo;s look at what ... 7 Naughty Scams To Watch Out For This Holiday Season<p><strong>1. Phishing emails</strong></p> <p>Phishing scams abound ahead of the holidays. They can take the form of bogus delivery confirmation requests seeking your information or even a ... Syncing Your Phone To Your Car Can Put You At Risk<p>In our uber-connected world, pressing a button on the steering wheel to make a phone call is second nature for many. Using our cars like a phone and storing information in data systems is so ... 10 Restaurant Hacks<p>Dining out with family and friends is a wonderful experience, but it can take a huge bite out of your budget. No worries&mdash;we&rsquo;re not going to try convincing you to give up your favorite ... 8 Reasons To Shop Local On Small Business Saturday<p>Here at Alive Credit Union, we believe in supporting the community and helping local businesses flourish. Join us in our important goal by shopping local on Small Business Saturday and throughout ... 5 Scams To Avoid This Black Friday<p>Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be fun &ndash; but they can also put you at risk. Here are 5 scams to look out for as you brave the frenzied crowds while trying to snag the best deals after ... Fake Check Scams On The Rise<p>In early September, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) released a report warning about a spike in fake check scams. These scams now reach 500,000 victims each year.</p> <p>The largest pool of victims... Alive Credit Union Celebrates The 70th Anniversary of International Credit Union Day<p>October 18, 2018, will mark the 70th anniversary of International Credit Union Day. This year&rsquo;s theme is &ldquo;Find Your Platinum Lining.&rdquo; It combines the traditional gift of platinum ... Hobbies don’t need to be expensive. Here are nine great ideas to give you some downtime without breaking your budget. Why Does My Mortgage Lender Need So Much Information?<p><strong>Q:</strong> I&rsquo;m applying for a mortgage through my credit union and I&rsquo;m a bit surprised at the amount of information they&rsquo;re asking for to process my loan. Why do they ... 6 Times A Bargain Is Not A Bargain<p>Here&rsquo;s when that steal of a deal is not such a bargain after all.</p> <p><strong>1. When you don&rsquo;t need it</strong></p> <p>The price might be right. But, if the heavily marked-down item... Know The Difference Between Price And Value<p>Warren Buffet says: <em><strong>&ldquo;The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything but the value of nothing.&rdquo;</strong></em></p> <p>To an active investor, it ... Staying Safe Online<p>A compromised computer can put you at risk for money loss, phishing scams or even complete identity theft. Read on for steps you can take to keep yourself safe online.</p> <p><strong>Avoid fake ... All You Need To Know About Buying A Used Car<p>If you&rsquo;re in the market for a deal on used wheels, follow the steps below for a smoother ride!</p> <p><strong>Step 1: Crunch the numbers</strong></p> <p>How are you paying for your new car? ... New Cars Vs. Used Cars<p><strong>Q:</strong> I need a new set of wheels and I&rsquo;m wondering if it&rsquo;s better to spring for a new vehicle or to go the cheaper route and buy a used vehicle. What do I need to know ... Apple Pay, Samsung Pay And Tokenization: How To Stay Safe With The Wallet Of The Future<p>Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and other mobile wallets are revolutionizing the checkout experience by blending two developments in payment infrastructure to save you time: near-field communication (NFC) ... Alive Top Pet Contest<p><span>At Alive, we all love our pets. That's why your team is having a friendly employee Top Pet Contest! </span></p> <p><span>Vote for your favorite today. All donations will benefit The American ... Pop-In Fridays<p>Pop-in to our Q&amp;A casual learning series and meet Ken Galliher, Alive CU's Mortgage Loan Manager. Ken will be available to speak to you one-on-one and answer any mortgage questions, ... Should I Be Concerned About Rising Mortgage Rates?<p>On June 13, the Federal Funds Target rate was increased for the second time in 2018. The rate increase was prompted by optimistic feelings about the general state of the economy. In addition, ... Should I Refinance My Home Before I Retire?<p><strong>Q:</strong> Is it advisable to refinance my mortgage as part of my retirement planning?</p> <p><strong>A:</strong> Refinancing your mortgage can have a big impact on your finances. That&... Don’t Get Caught In A Free Trial Scam!<p>The FTC is warning of an uptick in free trial scams, which come in several shapes and sizes. However, most will look something like this:</p> <p>You see an ad from a company saying you&rsquo;ve ... Shop The Sales<p>You don&rsquo;t have to be a genuine Coupon Queen to save money on groceries. Teach your kids how to shop the sales and use coupons in the best way possible.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>This month&... 8 Steps To An Energy-Smart Home<p>Cut your energy costs this summer by making your home smarter!</p> What Kind Of Boat Should You Buy?<p>Are you ready to buy a boat? First, determine the kind you want to buy. To help you hit those waves sooner, we&rsquo;ve made a handy guide of the most popular boats on the market.</p> <p><strong>1.... What To Grab And What To Skip In June<p>June is the month of sun-kissed beaches, dripping ice cream cones, backyard BBQs &hellip; and spectacular sales.</p> <p>There&rsquo;s lots to celebrate this month, but June sales aren&rsquo;t just ... Jury Duty Scams<p>Nobody likes being called in for jury duty. But a recently revived scam has painted the entire experience in a more sinister hue.</p> <p>Here&rsquo;s how it plays out: The scammer calls a victim, ... Don’t Drink Your Wallet Dry!<p>It&rsquo;s hot out, so make sure you&rsquo;re drinking up!&nbsp;</p> <p>You probably already know water is the best beverage choice for your health and for your money. But did you know bottled ... Beware Tech Support Scams!<p>Tech support scams are some of the most nefarious forms of hacks.</p> <p>In these scams, fraudsters contact victims and attempt to trick them into granting access to their computers. The crooks may... 6 Ways To Turn Your Dream Vacation Into A Reality<p>You&rsquo;re sipping a pina colada on a beautiful, white-sanded beach while watching the cerulean waves lap at the shoreline. You might be pulling muscles and riding high on adrenaline while ... The 20% Down Myth<p>If you&rsquo;re desperate to own a home of your own, you are likely saving up until you have 20% of your dream home&rsquo;s total value.</p> <p>All that&rsquo;s great, but the fact is you don&rsquo... 7 Ways To Spring Clean For Extra Cash<p>When that first delightful spring breeze starts blowing, you know it&rsquo;s time to get your house in shape. But there&rsquo;s more than just a neat house awaiting the end of all that hard work. ... A Dozen Tricks To Sell Your Home Quickly<p>If you&rsquo;re looking to sell your home and start over elsewhere, you likely want that sale to happen as quickly as possible.</p> <p>Read on for 12 tricks to sell your home fast:</p> ... Saving On Home Renovations<p>Is your home in desperate need of a facelift? As you probably know, renovations don&rsquo;t come cheap. In fact, the average kitchen remodel tops $60,000 and bathroom overhauls can cost $18,... How to Talk Money with Your Partner<p>What happens when you and your partner have different approaches toward money? How do you bring up this loaded topic without it spiraling into a heated argument?</p> <p>Once again, it&rsquo;s Alive... 4 Incredible Facts in Honor of Black History Month<p>It&rsquo;s Black History Month; so let&rsquo;s celebrate! In honor of Black History Month, Alive Credit Union is proud to share four little-known facts about African American history, along with a ... ATM Jackpotting Scam<p><span style="color: #000000; font-family: Calibri; font-size: medium;" size="3" color="#000000" face="Calibri">Jackpotting attacks on ATMs have been spreading through Europe and Asia for quite some... Paying for a Vacation, a Wedding, a New Nursery - Cash vs. Financing, Which is the better option?<p>Americans are working longer and more hours than ever before. Between smartphones, email and an endless list of other technologies, it can be easy to be so tied up in work, (or keeping up with the ... Give Your Home a Sequel Worth Coming Home To<p>Let&rsquo;s face it, we spend a lot of time in our homes. It&rsquo;s the place we look forward to returning to each day, the rooms that our families build countless memories in over the years and ... Alive CU's Neighborhood Market, Eat | Shop | Play 2018 Betty M. Collins Memorial Scholarship<p><a href=""><img alt="Blog_Post_2018_BettyMCollins" src="/images/Blog_Post_2018_BettyMCollins.jpg" /></a></p> Mistakes First-Time Homeowners Make<p><strong>Q:</strong> My husband and I recently decided to buy our first home. Some friends of ours had lots of trouble with the process and wound up buying one they can&rsquo;t really afford. What ... Protecting Yourself Against Card Cracking Scams<p>In a recent scam targeting millennials, fraudsters are once again cashing in on people&rsquo;s naivety and goodwill. Only this time, they&rsquo;re using social media to make it happen.</p> <p>What ... Combating The Financial Mistakes Of Our 20s And 30s<p>Early in their careers, people tend to focus on the here and now while ignoring the future. As you climb the ladder of success, you might think raises and promotions will never end and that you ... Financial Preparation For 2018<p>2018 is almost here &ndash; are you ready?</p> <p>Usher in the new year with plans for financial improvement and resolutions to do more.</p> <p>Here are some tips to get you started:</p> ... Surviving the Holidays With Your Sanity Intact<p><span style="color: #000000; font-family: Calibri; font-size: medium;" size="3" color="#000000" face="Calibri">With crowded stores and an ever-growing list of people to shop for, it&rsquo;s easy to... How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft<p>Chances are, you or someone you know has had their identity stolen at one point or another. Identity theft can be expensive, stressful and extremely complicated to recover from.&nbsp; Here are ... How Can I Shop Safely On Black Friday?<p><strong>Q:</strong> I love Black Friday but I worry about the risks. With the possibility of being trampled or of my credit card being compromised, there&rsquo;s so much that can go wrong! How can ... We wish you a merry low auto loan rate<p><img width="1024" height="768" alt="Alive_Auto_Digital_2024x768" src="/images/Alive_Auto_Digital_2024x768.jpg" /></p> <h1 style="text-align: center;"><a href="/loans-credit/personal-loans-... Holiday Hacks For Traveling College Students<p>With the holiday season fast approaching, college students across the country are thinking about their trips home. Whether you choose to go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas -or both &ndash; if ... 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