To join Alive Credit Union go to our savings account and click "Apply Now." You can also get more information on our Join Today page.


  • Better Returns. Because we don't have shareholders we have to answer to, we can give any profits we make back to our member-owners, in the form of better dividends rates. Our returns are better than many bank's rates because we give all that money back to you!
  • Loans. As an Alive Credit Union member, you can apply for a variety of low cost loans, including auto, mortgage, home equity, and personal loans. We'll work with you to establish a repayment schedule that fits your budget and is both convenient and easy.
  • Better Loan Rates. Your Alive Credit Union membership qualifies you for low credit union loan rates. Save hundreds, even thousands, over the life of your loan. Plus, as an added benefit of banking with us, we'll discount your rate even more when you enroll in direct deposit.
  • Loan Product Extras. Alive Credit Union membership includes access to added loan protection programs, easily purchased through your loan. Ask about Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Credit Disability & Term Life Protection, and Vehicle Service Contracts when you meet with your friendly loan specialist.
  • Discount Auto Finders. Save time and money with our CAR GUYS. Let us assist you in locating the vehicle of your choice, and help you get the best price using our discount pricing agreements and long-time relationships with area dealers.
  • Visa Credit Card. It's about choice with your Alive Credit Union credit card. With multiple card options to choose from, including Rewards Cards, there's sure to be a Visa® credit card to fit your specific needs.