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Members describe our Cash Access Account in one word...simple! That's because of the effortless features we've incorporated into just about every aspect. Our Cash Access Account can be used the same way you use a regular checking account. And, with a minimum deposit of $5, your membership is guaranteed!

Imagine the Possible Uses!

  • A checking account without checks
  • Pay bills easily online
    • Save time and postage
    • Set up alerts and reminders
    • Set up recurring payments
    • Schedule payments in advance
  • To keep your finances safe and secure while traveling especially overseas
  • To pay your children (13 & up) their allowance or college living expenses
  • To budget certain expenses and/or spending goals
  • To track your everyday spending with easy to use online access

Enjoy the Convenience!

  • Make deposits through payroll, direct deposit, online or in person
  • And 24 hour reloading via mobile, home banking, and online
  • Receive cash back at POS purchases
  • Withdraw cash at ATMs
  • Use your card worldwide where VISA® is accepted
  • Have up to six cards tied to your card account

Save Money!

  • Surcharge free* ATM withdrawals at Alive ATM locations
  • No maintenance fee with a $25 minimum monthly deposit
  • Low fees compared to most other reloadable cards
  • No worry about exceeding your balance or paying overdraft fees
Your future self will thank you…

*Card processor fees still apply for ATM withdrawals exceeding one per month