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While everyone else is taking selfies, why not use your smartphone for something, well, smarter? Mobile banking lets you manage accounts from the convenience of your mobile phone or tablet device. View account balances, make transfers, and much more. Your information is always secure, even if your phone is lost or stolen.

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  • Use your smartphone to manage accounts and deposit checks
  • Log in to see account balances
  • Review transaction history
  • Set up alerts and reminders
  • Make loan payments
  • Use mobile deposit to deposit checks on the go
  • Find the nearest Alive Credit Union branch
  • Encrypted for your security, even if your phone or device is lost or stolen

Deposit checks from your mobile phone! Keep these few things in mind when using this convenient feature:

  • Items must be directly payable to the account's primary or joint owner
  • All items must be fully legible and not exceed $10,000
  • Checks deposited must contain your signature and phrases 'Alive Credit Union' 'For Deposit Only' & 'Mobile Deposit' on the back
  • Deposits received after 4 PM EST will be processed next business day
  • Credited deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal

For more information regarding Mobile Deposit, download our Mobile Deposit Guidelines reference.

Alive Credit Union now offers loan payment through Mobile Deposit. Here are some things to keep in mind when using this new, convenient feature:

  • Items presented as payments must be payable to Alive CU
  • Include the phrase 'Loan Payment' on the Memo line of check, as well as the loan number if you have more than one loan with Alive.
  • Deposits received after 4 PM EST will be processed next business day
  • Be sure all items are fully legible

For more information regarding making loan payments through Mobile Deposit, download our Making Your Loan Payment through Mobile Deposit Guidelines reference.

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