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Make the switch in 3 simple steps.

Please open your new account and follow the steps below before you close your current account to prevent service interruption. If at any time, you need assistance with this process please contact our Member Services Department.

Download your Switch Kit and then follow the directions below!

Step 1. Update Your Direct Deposit Information

Transferring Your Direct Deposit. Complete the direct deposit form and attach a voided check or signed letter from your Alive Credit Union Member Service Representative. Give both items to your employer's payroll department or appropriate government agencies. For social security, simply make a "toll-free" call to 1 (800) 772-1213 to make the switch.

Step 2. Organize Your New Account

Schedule Automatic Payments. If you currently make automated payments (car payment, mortgage, etc.), complete and send an automatic withdrawal form to each vendor. You can also check each vendor's website to see if there's a quicker way to set up automated payments from your new account.

Activate Your New Online Bill Pay. If you currently pay bills online (online bill pay), make sure to cancel all bill payments from your previous account and set them up in your new Alive Credit Union account. You'll need the account number, mailing address and phone number for each vendor you want to pay through online banking.

Step 3. Close Your Previous Financial Institution Account

The Final Step. After you've organized your new Alive Credit Union account, and you're certain all of your transactions/checks have cleared on your old account, complete and send the closing form to your previous financial institution. They will mail you a check for any remaining balance in the account. You can then deposit those funds into your new Alive Credit Union account.