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Don't fret over paying those pesky obligations when you're off having fun! Pay yourself year-round with our Seasonal Pay Account, designed specifically for teachers and Florida Blue seasonal employees, and plan to enjoy your next three-month break. Let us help you stretch your nine monthly paychecks to 12 months, or your 19 biweekly paychecks to 26 paydays. Need help budgeting? We'll be happy to help you determine the ideal funding amount.


  • Designed for teachers and Florida Blue seasonal employees
  • Can be opened anytime of the year
  • No monthly service fee
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Maximum allowable deposit of $1,000 biweekly
  • Automatic transfers allowed in and out of the account with no minimum deposit amount
  • Additional cash or check deposit up to $1,000 allowed annually
  • Early withdrawal fee for withdrawals made prior to "break" months
  • Dividends accrue daily and are paid monthly on last day

Use our Seasonal Pay Budget Worksheet to get an idea of your budget. Then contact us today to request free budgeting assistance!

Your future self will thank you…

Limit one account per member. Must be Florida Blue seasonal employee or a current school employee. Eligibility verification may be required.